Labor law

Our firm provides wide range of services in the area of labor law:
For employers:
1. Written and verbal advice, conclusions and interpretation of labor law of Ukraine.
2. Client's HR records keeping organization, audit and renewal.
3. Internal labor policy rules, work instructions, personnel regulation, labor agreements (contracts) elaboration.
4. Collective agreement draft and its conclusion support.
5. Representation during pre-trial settlement and during the procedure of labor dispute judicial settlement.
6. Legal support in personnel dismissal because of enterprises reorganization including plan of redundancy or reduction of number of employees.
7. Assistance in legalization  of  employment permits for foreigners and stateless persons, conclusion of employment agreements.
8. Personnel employment to foreign companies  coordination with Government executive bodies of Ukraine.
9. Client's rights and legal interests judicial protection in matters regulated by labor law of Ukraine.
For employees:
1. Written and verbal advice, conclusions and interpretation of labor law of Ukraine.
2. Enterprises, institutions, organizations directors and other members of executive board reinstatement irrespective of the form of ownership.
3. Admission of a dismissal to be illegal,reinstatement and collecting a salary for time of the compelled truancy.
4. Legal assistance in job placement and dismissal.
5. Representation in proceedings  in the sphere of enterprises, institutions, organizations labor disputes irrespective of their form of ownership.
6. Legal support in matters concerning conflicts with trade unions settlement.
7. Ensuring timely and full enforcement of the ruling by bodies of the public executive service in the order determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.
8. Decisions, actions and inactivity of judge or a state enforcement officer are appealed by our firm in the order envisaged by the current legislation of Ukraine.
9. Other quality and high-efficiency services in the labor law practice.
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